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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Musician's Friend Standard Celluloid Guitar Picks 1 Dozen, Black Pearl Medium

These durable picks will stand up to heavy play. Easy-to-grip shape and good looks. You can never have too many of these fantastic picks, so stock up today. Your guitar will love you for it and so will your fans. I have the best guitar pick in the whole wide world.
Customer Review: Watch out for the shipping charges
Thought I paid a little more attention. Bought this item at the same time as some other items. Wasn't paying complete attention (my fault) but ended up paying an additional $4 for shipping... for the $2 picks. Price should be listed as $6, not $2. Ordered on a Saturday, too late to cancel by Sunday, it said had been shipped even though the confirmation shipping email said shipped on Monday. Kind of a ripoff...
Customer Review: Regular Guitar Picks, Cool Design
The picks work fine, they're just your average guitar picks. The design is cool, looks holographic. Shipping is quite high, however, if you plan to buy these picks without another product from the same merchant.

Available through Low Life Records

It is on the exceedingly soulful Goldfish Bowl where Braintax's UK-birthed brogue really finds it home and makes the biggest impact. This is by far the dopest track on My Last And Best Album. Almost as impactful is the effortlessly breezy Real People, which not only benefits from incorporating live instruments and a harmonized chorus, but also manages to sound like a Native Tongues-styled production.

While much of the album has a laidback feel, Braintax gets truly motivated and passionate on The Beast Is Us. Surveying the state of the Western world, 'Tax looks at the impact of the war in the middle east and other atrocities, holding the perpetrators accountable, including his home country (along with the U.S.).

Except instead of sub par ice-cream cake and a gathering of (secretly vindictive) workmates, the veteran MC and Low Life Records CEO goes out with some style for his last hurrah with the presumptuously-titled My Last And Best Album. For his final release, Braintax teams up with talented beatmaker Colin Emmanuel, as they capitalize on the chemistry first heard between the duo on Emmanuel's D'illusions of Grandeur album.

Braintax - My Last and Best Album

Life on the independent Hip Hop scene appears to be much like working a 9-to-5 office job, except presumably more stimulating. It lacks the glory and recognition of a more glamorous trade, while promotions/raises are fleeting. A man that can identify with that description would be Braintax, the "hardest working" man in British Hip Hop, who is hanging his mic up here on album number three, as he relocates from his native land to Australia.

Fortunately, the album comes to a fitting close on Last One Out Turn Off The Lights, a decidedly straight-ahead Hip Hop number driven by powerful background vocals. With that, the recording career of Braintax comes to a close. Maintaining his core style while venturing into some new territory, My Last And Best Album is possibly one of his strongest projects sonically, but at the same time falters due to recycled subject matter.

While he may not have scaled the heights of the mainstream music world with club bangers, he has certainly gained himself respect and credibility over the years, both in his home of the U.K. and abroad, leaving listeners with a mostly solid body of work. My Last And Best Album may not be the perfect sendoff but it still packs a punch. Being that rappers can never stay retired this may not be the last time we hear from him. Farewell, for now.

There are moments when the partnership between Braintax and Colin Emmanuel does hit the skids though, particularly on the slow-burning and messy Fix Up Come Up, the misguided rehash Riveria Hustle 3 and the hollow stoner anthem Munchies.

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